Important information.

1. Open House:For reasons beyond our control, unfortunately we have to cancel the Open House, which was scheduled for August 28. We are very sorry.
Please fill out the applications on our website We remind you that the child will not be able to stay during the classes without the completed form.

2. Kindergarten:Please be advised that at the moment we no longer have a place in the 3-year-old class. You can put your child on a waiting list. If a place becomes available, we will contact the parents. We still have a few places in the 4-year-old class.

3. Teachers:We are very happy that we have so many students enrolled in our school. Unfortunately, we still lack teachers. And without teachers, it’s hard to conduct classes. In our school, the teachers are WE – parents, aunts, uncles, friends. If you know someone who would like to spend some time and help us teach children about our country, WELCOME! Please contact the Headmasters Ewa Miller and Kasia Potkay by email:, by phone (925) 322-0064 or you can reply to this email.

4. Textbooks: Textbooks will be available for purchase on the first day of classes. The name and price of the textbook for a given class can be found in the attachment. Please pay on delivery by check or with deducted cash.

5. Covid – security measures:There are air filters in each room. Students, teachers and everyone on school grounds are required to wear a mask that covers their mouth and nose. Children can take off their masks while outside or during breaks. Teachers and all school staff will remind children to wash their hands frequently. Each classroom will be properly disinfected before and after classes. All additional details related to disinfection and safety measures will be sent soon in a separate email.