Cel i Misja Szkoły

Szkoła Języka Polskiego im. Jana Pawła II od wielu lat pełni funkcję prężnego centrum edukacji, kultury i informacji, od prawie 50 lat służąc ― najlepiej jak potrafi ― naszej lokalnej a za razem emigracyjnej społeczności. Nadrzędnym celem Szkoły jest stworzenie odpowiedniego środowiska wychowawczego dla dzieci i młodzieży, umożliwiając wszechstronny rozwój ucznia w oparciu o wartości patriotyczne. Naszym uczniom oferujemy najlepsze warunki do rozwijania umiejętności interpersonalnych, pewności siebie, poszukiwania wiedzy oraz odkrywania pasji do nauki języka Polskiego.

Our mission is to deliver an accredited curriculum program for Polish - American children in the Bay Area to enrich their connection to Polish heritage, culture, language, and history through education, dance, art, and community service.

Szkoła mocą swego posłannictwa kształtuje władze umysłowe, rozwija zdolność wydawania prawidłowych sądów, wprowadza w dziedzictwo kultury wytworzonej przez przeszłe pokolenie, kształci zmysł wartości, przygotowuje do życia zawodowego, sprzyja dyspozycjom do wzajemnego zrozumienia się...

Jan Paweł II (Włocławek 1991 r.)

School News


Next school day – February 5th

Welcome in the New Year!

We hope that everyone rested and had a nice holiday time. Our next classes are on Saturday, January 5th.

1. Library and contest for the book review
We wanted to remind everyone that Piotr Hołubowicz (a parent / member of the Board) together with Izabela Wu (Vice Principal) run our school library. The library can be used by children whose parents pay a deposit of $10 for the family.

Recently, our school library has been enriched by over 20 new books donated by parents. They include shorter books, such as “The ending of the fooling arround” or the adventures of Zuzia, and a book with chapters: “Franek Einstein and the Electric Finger”. We also received 2 copies of the exceptional Polish-English story about Pierog Włodek “His Secret Power”. Together, we already have over 350 books for children in Polish! We invite you to take advantage of our extensive collection :)

During our next classes, we start a contest for a review of your favorite book. The contest is not mandatory, it’s only for the children who would like to participate, but all participants will receive a small prize, so we encourage you to take part. Teachers will hand out review templates during classes, and you can also print them yourself. Students can write reviews at home and bring them for classes on 01/12 or 01/26. The results will be announced 02/02.

Parents – encourage your children to participate!

2. The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity
The Orliki will perform at the WOŚP (Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity) at 2:00 pm on Sunday, January 13th, at the Polish Club in San Francisco. We ask parents of children who want to take part in the performance to report to Magda Leszowska as soon as possible (madziara26@aol.com). We still do not know what dances we will dance – everything depends on the number of participating children, therefore, please contact Magda quickly so that she can schedule performances.

3. Yard Duty at school
The safety of our students at school will be watched by: Agnieszka Wolfson and Joanna on Saturday, January 5th. Thank you for your time!

If anyone else would like to sign up for an yard duty, please contact Maja Baluta (majabaluta@yahoo.com).


Next school day – December 15th

On Saturday, December 15th, there will be early release from classes. Please pick up your children at 12:45 pm. This week there will be NO option to buy lunch at school.
From 1:00 pm children are under the care of parents.
Children who are not participating in Christmas Eve – parents, please pick your children up before 1:00 pm.
Children who stay for Christmas Eve celebration and participate in Jaselka – parents, please change your children into costumes and prepare for the performance.
Classrooms will be locked after finished classes. Backpacks can be left in the M3 room in the MPR building or taken to the car.
We start the Christmas Eve celebration at 1:00 pm with the “Jaselka” Christmas play performed by students of our school.
After the show, we share the bread and then we have Christmas Eve feast. Every family should bring a dish to share. The school provides potatoes and cheese pierogi, hot chocolate, hot apple cider, as well as mulled wine and wine (alcohol for an extra fee).
During the dinner, teachers and students from older classes organized arts and craft stations for younger children in the M2 room.
Display of the nativity scenes – we encourage children to create and show off their nativity scenes. They can be brought to the MPR room before the Jaselka performance.
After dinner, Santa will come and hand out presents. Please bring one signed gift (first and last name) to M4 room before picking up the children from classrooms.
Every year together with the Scouts we run a collection for those in need. This year, we are asking for your help for the Butte County fire victims. These families lost everything, some have already received help but we do not know exactly what they need so the best form of help would be gift cards: Visa, Mastercard, Gas, Target, Walmart, CVS, Rite Aid, Kmart, Costco, Winco, Safeway, Food Maxx . However, if you prefer to donate an item, here are suggestions: diapers for children and adults, food for babies, food for animals, toilet paper, plates, cutlery, paper napkins, personal care, disposable gloves, towels, pillows, sleeping bags, tents, eye drops, new: Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Throat Lozenges, Robitussin, Lysol, Tums, painkillers, underwear, dressings, disinfectants, inflatable mattresses, school supplies and toys for children.