Every year Polish-American Educational Committee holds a Charity Ball called “Barbórka”

This year’s Barbórka will take place on February 12, 2022 at the San Ramon Community Center from 6pm to 12:30am. This year’s ball is themed “The Charleston Ball”. Barbórka is our biggest charity event, and thanks to the income it brings, we keep tuition fees low, reward teachers and don’t worry about the financial sustainability of our school.

Barbórka is great fun for a good cause, with home-made food, delicious drinks, cool music, a dance competition, auction, lottery and other attractions.

Tickets can be purchased at http://www.barborka.us. We also encourage you to visit Barbórka’s Facebook page, where you can find information and see photos from previous years: https://www.facebook.com/barborkaball/.

Should you have any questions, please contact Karolina Mancino at kmancino@polishschool.org.